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My name is Sampson Orson Jackson. I'm a full-stack engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology and a background in backend development using .NET. I enjoy masking complexity with simplicity, modularity, readability, performance, and usability. Currently, I'm a full-stack engineer at Interfacewerk where I am focused on building sustainable digital solutions that are inclusive, people-centred, and environmentally friendly.

Over the past 10 years, my experience has cut across frontend, backend, and dev-ops. I have worked with major software companies where we built a number of important software information systems for the government and private sector. My favourite is the Poda Health Information System due to size and the opportunity to work across all stages of the software development lifecycle.

My journey as a software engineer started at the backend. However, I also enjoy enhancing the user experience with code and design. This led me to become a full-stack engineer.

Some of the technologies I use often include Angular, NestJS, MongoDB and .NET.

Tech stack

I'm constantly learning and keep up to date with the latest technologies, so I can pick the best tech for the job.

  • C#10 years

    I started using C# following a memorable experience with Java. I focus on builiding reusable and maintainable applications while keeping an eye on code quality and adhering to best practices.

    • .NET 7
    • ASP.NET
    • Web API
    • WCF
    • Redis
    • REST
    • DDD
  • Angular6 years

    My frontend framework of choice for building modular, maintainable, scalable, and performant frontend applications. I have worked two project and numerous throw-away applications.

    • Angular
    • RxJS
    • Nx
    • NGXS
    • NGRX
  • Typescript6 years

    I have favoured Typescript over JavaScript in the last couple of years on most projects. My productivity has gone up while significantly reducing debugging time.

    • Webpack
    • Babel
    • Angular
    • React
  • JavaScript7 years

    I began using JavaScript more because of AJAX and the need to improve the UX of my applications. My enterprise web apps were more responsive thanks to JavaScript.

    • ES6+
    • Angular
    • Angular JS
    • Knockout
  • Testing5 years

    Tests brings me peace of mind. It has resulted in fewer bugs, reduced code regressions, and a more maintainable codebase. I have learned to strike a balance between unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end (e2e) tests.

    • Jest
    • Cypress
    • Pactum
    • xUnit
  • HTML/CSS15 years

    My HTML markup considers accessibility while reinforcing the semantic of the information on the page. My styles use the BEM conventions and I use SCSS manageability and scalability.

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SCSS
    • BEM
    • Tailwind CSS

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